Patio Rules for Pooches

1. Pooch PatioDogs must be on their leash at all times. (No retractable leashes please)
2. Dogs must be accompanied by owner at all times.
3. Please do not place your dog (even small pups) on the table, in your lap or on a chair. “Health code”
4. Your furry family members cannot eat off your plate, or drink from your glass. We have special dishes just for them. “Health code”
5. Puppy Restrooms are located in any surrounding grassy area that is outside the patio. There is a Poo-Can by the patio entrance for disposal, please pick up after your friend.
6. Excessive barking and bothersome behaviors are not permitted.
7. No dogs allowed inside the bar, enter and exit through patio gates.
8. One dog per human please.
9. In the event your dog has an accident, please notify staff immediately so we can help you clean it up properly.
10. Your furry friend is only allowed on the patio on designated pooch patio days (For now!)
11. There is a zero tolerance aggression policy.
12. We reserve the right to ask you to remove your dog at any time for any reason.
The Doggy Dish (Dog Patio Menu)
Pup's Kitchen Sink (Breakfast Only)
Hash browns, scrambled egg & diced bacon.

Pork Lovin' Puppy
Pork & Bacon patty served with rice.

Yummy Yam Chicken
Diced yams with a grilled chicken breast and green beans.

Sunset Puppy Burger
Beef and oat patty topped with bacon and served on top of diced potato
Liver Lickin" Pupper
Beef Liver, diced yam and green beans.

Lake & Shore Pup
Cod, ground beef, diced potatoes, peas & carrots.

Each meal served with a whipped cream cup dessert.

Some menu items may vary due to availability